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League Cup competition results from 2011/2012

A full listing of matches played in the competition throughout the season

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Sunday, 26th February 2012
Cardiff City (CHMP)2Liverpool (PREM)289,044
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Liverpool won 3-2 on penalties; played at Wembley
Semi Final 2nd Leg
Tuesday, 24th January 2012
Cardiff City (CHMP)1Crystal Palace (CHMP)025,652
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-0, aggregate 1-1, Cardiff City won 3-1 on penalties
Wednesday, 25th January 2012
Liverpool (PREM)2Manchester City (PREM)244,590
Liverpool won 3-2 on aggregate
Semi Final 1st Leg
Tuesday, 10th January 2012
Crystal Palace (CHMP)1Cardiff City (CHMP)022,147
Wednesday, 11th January 2012
Manchester City (PREM)0Liverpool (PREM)136,017
Quarter Final
Tuesday, 29th November 2011
Arsenal (PREM)0Manchester City (PREM)160,028
Cardiff City (CHMP)2Blackburn Rovers (PREM)019,436
Chelsea (PREM)0Liverpool (PREM)240,511
Wednesday, 30th November 2011
Manchester United (PREM)1Crystal Palace (CHMP)252,624
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
4th Round
Tuesday, 25th October 2011
Aldershot Town (LGE2)0Manchester United (PREM)37,044
Arsenal (PREM)2Bolton Wanderers (PREM)156,628
Cardiff City (CHMP)1Burnley (CHMP)011,601
Crystal Palace (CHMP)2Southampton (CHMP)011,865
Wednesday, 26th October 2011
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)4Newcastle United (PREM)310,682
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Everton (PREM)1Chelsea (PREM)223,170
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Stoke City (PREM)1Liverpool (PREM)224,934
Wolverhampton Wanderers (PREM)2Manchester City (PREM)512,436
3rd Round
Tuesday, 20th September 2011
Aldershot Town (LGE2)2Rochdale (LGE1)13,334
Arsenal (PREM)3Shrewsbury Town (LGE2)146,539
Aston Villa (PREM)0Bolton Wanderers (PREM)222,261
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)3Leyton Orient (LGE1)27,104
Burnley (CHMP)2Milton Keynes Dons (LGE1)14,134
Crystal Palace (CHMP)2Middlesbrough (CHMP)15,448
Leeds United (CHMP)0Manchester United (PREM)331,031
Nottingham Forest (CHMP)3Newcastle United (PREM)410,208
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Stoke City (PREM)0Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)015,023
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Stoke City won 7-6 on penalties
Wolverhampton Wanderers (PREM)5Millwall (CHMP)07,749
Wednesday, 21st September 2011
Brighton & Hove Albion (CHMP)1Liverpool (PREM)221,897
Cardiff City (CHMP)2Leicester City (CHMP)28,697
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Cardiff City won 7-6 on penalties
Chelsea (PREM)0Fulham (PREM)037,632
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Chelsea won 4-3 on penalties
Everton (PREM)2West Bromwich Albion (PREM)117,647
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Manchester City (PREM)2Birmingham City (CHMP)025,070
Southampton (CHMP)2Preston North End (LGE1)17,414
2nd Round
Tuesday, 23rd August 2011
AFC Bournemouth (LGE1)1West Bromwich Albion (PREM)46,911
Aston Villa (PREM)2Hereford United (LGE2)021,058
Brighton & Hove Albion (CHMP)1Sunderland (PREM)017,090
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Burnley (CHMP)3Barnet (LGE2)24,273
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Bury (LGE1)2Leicester City (CHMP)43,779
Cardiff City (CHMP)5Huddersfield Town (LGE1)36,829
after extra time, 90 minutes 3-3
Doncaster Rovers (CHMP)1Leeds United (CHMP)28,505
Millwall (CHMP)2Morecambe (LGE2)03,443
Northampton Town (LGE2)0Wolverhampton Wanderers (PREM)45,512
Norwich City (PREM)0Milton Keynes Dons (LGE1)413,009
Queens Park Rangers (PREM)0Rochdale (LGE1)24,755
Shrewsbury Town (LGE2)3Swansea City (PREM)14,063
Wycombe Wanderers (LGE1)1Nottingham Forest (CHMP)42,866
Wednesday, 24th August 2011
Blackburn Rovers (PREM)3Sheffield Wednesday (LGE1)18,607
Bolton Wanderers (PREM)2Macclesfield Town (LGE2)16,777
Everton (PREM)3Sheffield United (LGE1)117,173
Exeter City (LGE1)1Liverpool (PREM)38,290
Peterborough United (CHMP)0Middlesbrough (CHMP)25,012
Thursday, 25th August 2011
Scunthorpe United (LGE1)1Newcastle United (PREM)24,408
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Tuesday, 30th August 2011
Aldershot Town (LGE2)2Carlisle United (LGE1)02,809
Leyton Orient (LGE1)3Bristol Rovers (LGE2)21,881
Swindon Town (LGE2)1Southampton (CHMP)37,452
Tuesday, 13th September 2011
Charlton Athletic (LGE1)0Preston North End (LGE1)25,130
Crystal Palace (CHMP)2Wigan Athletic (PREM)17,649
1st Round
Tuesday, 9th August 2011
Accrington Stanley (LGE2)0Scunthorpe United (LGE1)21,356
AFC Bournemouth (LGE1)5Dagenham & Redbridge (LGE2)03,681
Barnsley (CHMP)0Morecambe (LGE2)24,331
Brighton & Hove Albion (CHMP)1Gillingham (LGE2)016,295
Burnley (CHMP)6Burton Albion (LGE2)34,069
after extra time, 90 minutes 3-3
Bury (LGE1)3Coventry City (CHMP)12,997
Cheltenham Town (LGE2)1Milton Keynes Dons (LGE1)41,625
Derby County (CHMP)2Shrewsbury Town (LGE2)37,073
Doncaster Rovers (CHMP)3Tranmere Rovers (LGE1)04,339
Exeter City (LGE1)2Yeovil Town (LGE1)03,856
Hartlepool United (LGE1)1Sheffield United (LGE1)12,774
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Sheffield United won 4-3 on penalties
Hereford United (LGE2)1Brentford (LGE1)01,767
Hull City (CHMP)0Macclesfield Town (LGE2)24,826
Ipswich Town (CHMP)1Northampton Town (LGE2)29,401
Leeds United (CHMP)3Bradford City (LGE2)217,667
Nottingham Forest (CHMP)3Notts. County (LGE1)321,605
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Nottingham Forest won 4-3 on penalties
Oldham Athletic (LGE1)1Carlisle United (LGE1)11,786
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Carlisle United won 4-2 on penalties
Plymouth Argyle (LGE2)0Millwall (CHMP)14,781
Port Vale (LGE2)2Huddersfield Town (LGE1)43,014
Portsmouth (CHMP)0Barnet (LGE2)14,464
Preston North End (LGE1)3Crewe Alexandra (LGE2)25,401
Rochdale (LGE1)3Chesterfield (LGE1)21,718
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Rotherham United (LGE2)1Leicester City (CHMP)43,717
Southampton (CHMP)4Torquay United (LGE2)16,541
Southend United (LGE2)1Leyton Orient (LGE1)14,847
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Leyton Orient won 4-3 on penalties
Stevenage (LGE1)3Peterborough United (CHMP)42,414
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2
Walsall (LGE1)0Middlesbrough (CHMP)33,564
Wycombe Wanderers (LGE1)3Colchester United (LGE1)31,430
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Wycombe Wanderers won 5-4 on penalties
Wednesday, 10th August 2011
Oxford United (LGE2)1Cardiff City (CHMP)35,435
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Thursday, 11th August 2011
Sheffield Wednesday (LGE1)0Blackpool (CHMP)05,240
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Sheffield Wednesday won 4-2 on penalties
Tuesday, 23rd August 2011
Bristol Rovers (LGE2)1Watford (CHMP)14,432
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Bristol Rovers won 4-2 on penalties
Charlton Athletic (LGE1)2Reading (CHMP)16,668
Crystal Palace (CHMP)2Crawley Town (LGE2)08,901
Wednesday, 24th August 2011
Bristol City (CHMP)0Swindon Town (LGE2)17,708
West Ham United (CHMP)1Aldershot Town (LGE2)219,879
Preliminary Round
Friday, 29th July 2011
Crawley Town (LGE2)3AFC Wimbledon (LGE2)23,204