Al Fayed In Pop At Hodgson

But the Cottagers chairman insisted he forgave the new Liverpool boss for leaving for Anfield this summer.

Hodgson quit Fulham after two-and-a-half years in charge last month, having been hailed as the greatest manager in their history.

He was succeeded last week by Mark Hughes, who was officially unveiled on Tuesday afternoon.

Al Fayed unexpectedly interrupted the press conference, saying of the new appointment: "He intermitted a great team which had fantastic results but unfortunately this guy (Hodgson), after we put him where he is now, he took advantage and left us. But good luck to him, good luck to Liverpool."

Al Fayed added of Hughes: "He is a nice guy. He is much better looking and I am sure that he will do a great job. I am sure that there will be no complications. We have a great managing director and chief executive and we're happy to have someone like Mark in place."

Source: PA

Source: PA