Championship Playoff Finals in the 2010s - How Much Do You Remember?

There's fewer games in world football that have more on the line than the Championship playoff final.

Sure, the glamour and prestige of playing in a second tier final doesn't hold a candle to competing in an FA Cup final - or a European equivalent - but from a financial standpoint, this is the richest game in football.

It's dubbed the "£170m game" each and every time two teams take to the hallowed Wembley turf, owing to the incredible bundles of cash generated by television revenue and sponsorship deals.

So if it's such a big fixture, us football fans - you know, the hardcore ones - can surely reel off the ins and outs of the finals contested in the last decade without breaking a sweat? No? Not so sure? Well, let's find out how good that memory is - by taking 90min's quickfire quiz of the 2010s Championship playoff finals.

Source : 90min