Coleman Upset With Ref

Last updated : 12 September 2004 By Sam
Halsey awarded Fulham a penalty then changed his mind after protests by Gunners players then disallowed a Collins John goal for a push - both decisions leaving the Fulham boss furious after the 3-0 defeat.

"At half-time the referee came off the field and told me that he had called the penalty decision wrong," Coleman said after the game. 

"But he explained what his mistake was and he says it was in giving the penalty in the first place, not changing his mind.

"He says the reaction of the players made his decision and that they put doubt in his mind. But he can't expect my players to run up to him and say, 'Don't give it.'" 

"I'm not making excuses. All their goals were perfectly good goals, but we should have been 2-0 up or at least 1-0 by half-time.

"The referee held his hand up and said he got it wrong. I respect that but it doesn't matter. He still got it wrong.

"Arsenal are on a hell of a run and it takes a brave man to make a decision that ends that run.

"I'll probably get into trouble for saying that but I really couldn't give a monkey's, to be honest."