Gera Hangs Up International Boots

Last updated : 15 October 2009 By Dominic Hurst


The 30 year old has scored 18 goals for his country in 63 appearances, but he was overlooked for the latest outing.

 Now Gera has decided to say goodbye to the international scene, but he could be available in the future if needed.

"I told Erwin Koeman that I don't consider myself as a member of the squad anymore," he said to Hungarian site

"I'm ready to face the consequences. My close friends know that this is not a headstrong decision from me.

"In the past months I felt it several times that the national coach doesn't really believe in me and there were many things that were undeserving with me.

"I did my best and I accepted when my captain belt was taken away from me and I had to sit on the bench. I tried to prove my abilities with extra resolve.

"The coach told me on Wednesday that I wouldn't play against Denmark. This time I decided to tell him my decision and added that I don't want to bother the team in the evening with my presence.

"I don't say that the decision will last until the end of my career because it can happen in the far future that my name will be in the national team again - but it can also happen that I'll never play again."