Gould Slams Murphy Comments

Last updated : 14 October 2010 By Footymad News

Murphy hit out at Wolves, Stoke and Blackburn for "being so pumped up that there are inevitably going to be problem".

His comments came in the aftermath of Wolves captain Karl Henry being sent off at Wigan for a reckless lunge on Jordi Gomez.

But Gould, who also had a spell as manager of the often maligned Wimbledon 'Crazy Gang', believes Murphy is out of order.

He told the Wolverhampton Express And Star : "There's a lot of bunkum being spoken by a few people at the moment.

"They should shut their traps and get on and do what they're paid to do, which is play.

"If you're the one who's injured in a tackle, you have a right to voice an opinion. There are too many players getting blase at the moment and it's nothing to do with them."


Source: PA