Margot Robbie Gives Her Opinion on VAR - And She Really Doesn't Like it

​It is February 2020, VAR has been a thing for a little while now and, as you might have noticed, it's caused some controversy.

Everyone has had their say on the new tech this season. Yer Gary Linekers, yer Chris Suttons, yer Alan Brazilians, yer Richard Keyseses and yer da on Twitter. 

We've heard it all by now. 'Armpit' this, 'clear and obvious' that. What else is there to say about the biggest change to reffing since the invention of the cards?

Well, one person we haven't heard from on the matter yet is Margot Robbie.

Australian actress Margot Robbie...? From Neighbours, Wolf of Wall Street, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and that? Yep, that one.

Speaking to 90min while promoting her latest movie Birds of Prey (regrettably not about Crystal Palace or Sheffield Wednesday) alongside co-stars Chris Messina and Ella Jay Basco, Robbie came down firmly on Team Luddite in a SHOCK outburst against Stockley Park.

Well not really, but, sort of...

When asked for her two cents on football's hot-button issue, Robbie said: "Do you know what, I’m gonna say I don’t like that [VAR].

"I liked it back in the day, speaking from when I watched Australian rugby and stuff. I just liked it back in the day when your ref said, ‘I call it’ or ‘I don’t call it’. 

"I feel like now you spend five minutes and everyone watches it back from every angle, it slows down the game. It’s like, just trust your ref, you know?"

A woman after Mike Dean's heart.


The 29-year-old added: "If he says yes, get on with game. If he says no, get on with the game. 

"Look it comes down to integrity at the end of the day. For me, sports is about the mentality, it’s about sportsmanship. It’s the spirit of the game. As opposed to dotting the T’s and crossing the I’s."

The cast also spoke to us about a bunch of other football matters. Leroy Sane's back tattoo (of himself) got a great laugh, while you know that Cristiano Ronaldo statue - yes, of course you do - as well as some support you might not have known about.

"My husband is a huge Fulham fan. Yes, I married into the Fulham allegiance," Robbie admitted. "He's flown from America to England for one game and flew straight back again!"

Fair play, that's commitment! 

Birds of Prey is in cinemas now!

Source : 90min