No Hangeland Bids Yet

Last updated : 29 August 2009 By Dominic Hurst

Straight talking Hodgson believes that the rumours that have been hanging around the club about the player wanting to leave may have been started by Hangeland's agent with the view of getting a better deal out of someone.

Hangeland was an ever present in a very tight knit defence last season that only let in 34 goals in the Premiership and that went a long way to helping Fulham get into this seasons Europa League.

Speaking about Hangeland, Hodgson said: "It has been an incredible summer of mass media speculation, which I'm quite pleased about - because Brede deserves it.

"But the simple truth is not once has a club rung me or (Fulham chief executive) Alistair (Mackintosh) and asked about Brede and what price we'd need to sell him.

"I'm a little bit surprised that we haven't had any clubs knocking on the door saying we want to buy him from you, but I'm obviously not regretting it.

"We have had to accept that, because he is anxious to get a new contract at this club, his agent has been quite active at marketing him."

Hangeland is expected to line up against Aston Villa on Sunday.