Stoor Set For A Step Down To The Championship?

The defender arrived from Rosenborg last summer but he has found it too hard to keep a first team place on a regular basis, he made just seven appearances last season.

It was thought that the player would have been on his way during the last transfer window, but nobody would come up with the 2 million Euro price tag that Fulham placed on the player.

Now Jonsson says that a move to the Championship on loan could be on the cards for the 25 year old.

"It's been a far too high price tag on him," Jonsson told

 "Fulham of course want some of the money back.

"From the beginning they thought that they could get pretty much all of it back. But now they notice that's going to be hard.

"Everyone  thinks 'we will sell before we buy' because of the financial situation.

"The clubs are now prevented from buying until January but in England there is still two months when you can loan a player.

"Our thoughts of finding a permanent solution aren't the No.1 priority. We are looking at clubs in the Championship."