#SubsForScrubs: Introducing 90min's Campaign to Show Support for the NHS

Before experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, football fans across the globe regularly attended football matches in stadiums, played in leagues and/or watched teams go head-to-head on TV. 

Now, with football being suspended, we’re left with extra time and money that we would have otherwise spent watching and playing the sport we love. 

So why not put that time and money to good use?

We at 90min believe this is our time to do what football fans do best - rally together in support of one common goal. And while that goal previously was to see our football heroes win a match or tournament, we’re now cheering on a different kind of hero - the doctors and nurses who are on the frontlines caring for those who have been affected by the virus.

Here’s how you can help...

What Is the #SubsForScrubs Challenge?

In a nutshell, we're asking that while we're all in lockdown and can't go and have a regular kickabout, you donate the money you usually would have paid to play (subs) to the guys in the NHS (scrubs) that are taking care of us all.

We want football fans and players around the world - from grassroots up to the professional game - to make a one-off donation of £5, the equivalent of a standard Sunday league or five-a-side match fee

How Do I Get Involved?

Get your kit on!

If you’d usually have a football match on a weekday evening or at the weekend, get into your matchday kit, make a donation and tell us about it.

  1. Jump into your full football kit (shin pads too if you’ve got them!)
  2. Take a photo or video of yourself in your kit
  3. Upload photo or video to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok
  4. Tag ​@90min_Football and use the hashtag #SubsForScrubs
  5. In that same post, also tag and nominate your teammates, friends and family to take the #SubsForScrubs challenge

Where Do I Donate Money?

Right here on our ​JustGiving page.

Once donated, please also remember to spread the word to get your teammates involved, as well as your football-loving colleagues, family and friends to help get as much support to the NHS as we can during this time.

Can I Donate More Than a Fiver?

Of course you can.

The reason we are asking for £5 donations is that amount is what many grassroots players around the country will pay a week to play football.

However, we also know that everyone's circumstances are different and if you want to donate more, or less, please feel free to give what you can.

100% of your donation will go to the National Health Service.

How Can I Keep Updated?

90min will be championing all who take part over the coming weeks on ur website and across our social channels, so keep your eyes peeled for your kitted up pictures and videos.

We will also be providing regular updates on the progress of the campaign, money raised and more.

Thanks in advance!

To donate to #SubsForScrubs and learn more about the cause, visit our JustGiving page.

Source : 90min