To Be Part Of Fulham's History Is A Great Privilege - Conroy

Last updated : 29 October 2010 By Kevin Markey
The former Cottagers striker was in on the ground floor of Mohamed Al Fayed's revolution.

Conroy, now living in Melbourne, Australia, told "Fulham was a great place to be when I was there. Being the first Fulham player in 20 years to score over 20 league goals was very satisfying from a personal point of view but at the end of the day it's a team effort and without the effort of everyone I would not have been able to do that.

"Unfortunately we lost the championship on goal difference although we had a better goal aggregate overall we didn't score as many as the champions Wigan.

"However it was great to be part of a promotion winning team and I think we can all take great satisfaction that our team started the ball rolling for Fulham before Al Fayed came in with his millions.

"We had good solid pros led brilliantly by the captain and Fulham legend Simon 'Morgs' Morgan. It was a team that played together and at the right times socialised together.

"I often feel I left just a bit hastily but at the time you think you are doing the right thing, however I have no regrets.

"To be part of Fulham's history is a great privilege to me and i am sure the rest of that squad. I really enjoyed my time there."